Monday, December 17, 2007

Latest Leather Shoe Projects

Here are a few of my recent pairs of shoes. The turtles were designed with my nephew in mind, but alas, they will have to be Jer's for next summer since little nephew's feet are much too big for them (from the measurements his mommy gave me on the phone). Jer's feet are about an inch shorter. The flowered shoes were given to little Arianna, whom is affectionately known by people at church as Jer's "girlfriend" since she nabs him in the nursery and kisses him every chance she gets. She's only 2 months older than him! The wild, multi-colored boots are Jer's and let me just say that boots are REALLY hard to make and you can end up breaking a lot of needles. But they will be warm for the winter. I didn't have enough leather in one color to do them all the same color so they are very unique!

1 comment:

SamAndHisGirls said...

I love the shoes you make -- they are SO CUTE and fit little feet so nicely!
Can't wait to hang out! :)

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