Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Clean Veggies

I found this great new product a couple of weeks ago! I'm hoping this will help make the Dirty Dozen less dirty (see my posts on Natural Living for a recap of the produce most likely to contain pesticides). Where we live there are very few options for organic produce. Sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't. I was planning to buy organic apples last week and the store didn't have any. For that matter they didn't have anything organic in the produce section! So, I figure that using this cleansing spray is the next best thing until we can grow our own garden. This cost a little over $4 at the health food store and is all-natural. It should last a long time. Have any of you used this or something similar?


Phil said...

My mom uses this! Now that I'm on my own, I just eat the apples the way I bought them. Horrible.

fritzfam4 said...

I'm sure this would help with conventional produce, but many pesticides are systemic, meaning they're not just on the skin but throughout the entire fruit/vegetable. It can be super hard to get organic produce, especially if no one else in your area is really into it b/c then the stores don't want to order it in b/c it just ends up rotting on the shelves, but maybe you could supply them with the dirty dozen list and ask that they at least make those available in organic. Or else request that they order in as much locally grown produce as possible. I've recently read that the hierarchy or produce goes:
local, organic
local, conventional
not local, organic
not local, conventional
This has to do not only with environmental concerns regarding pollution with transportation, but that things grown locally are better used by your body b/c they contain nutrients found in the area specific to your soil, and assuming you're originally somewhat from that area, these are what you're used to. Something to chew on!

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