Sunday, December 16, 2007

Is Mrs. Jo on Drugs?

If you've ever doubted how much pain an infected wisdom tooth will cause, I'll let you know that I took about 38 pain pills in the first 48 hours! Relax, I'm not trying to overdose; I took it all carefully, making sure not to go over 4 ibuprofen and 1 oxycodone at a time and then alternating with Extra Strength Tylenol. Praise the Lord I made it through the night last night on only one dose of Tylenol! Amazing! I'm trying to just use Tylenol now to give my stomach a rest and I've been taking teething tablets and chomping on a cold, wet tea bag at times too. I hope and pray I never have to go through this again!


Meredith said...

I'm glad you're starting to feel a little better. What an awful experience! Thanks for keeping us up to date... and get all the way better soon!

Josh & Laura Helweg said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better Lindsey.. what an ordeal you have gone through! I am now very thankful I had my wisdom teeth removed as a teen.. even though it was no fun then, I'm sure you know how much worse it is now!! So glad you are getting well fast!!

Mrs. T said...

I hope you never have to go through it again either! And I'm so glad you're feeling better.

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