Monday, December 17, 2007

Restaurant Kits

Planning to travel over the holidays? Need a unique gift idea for someone with kids? Make a restaurant kit! Today I was thinking about how much I hate lugging a huge diaper bag into a restaurant and trying to dig through it to find everything. It's a lot of work and things get so jumbled up in the car. We will be traveling 2,500 miles round trip over the holidays and will probably eat out between 6 and 10 times.
So, I decided to just make up a few "Restaurant Kits" to have handy with the things I will need in a restaurant so that traveling and eating out with two toddlers is easier.

The restaurant kit includes:

Bib (I had some disposable ones on hand that were a gift but cloth ones work too!)

Cheerios and Crackers (because little ones can never wait for the food)

Spoons and forks

Coloring pages and crayons

Little toy truck for my boy since he's too young to color

Spill-proof sippy

Paper plates

Sanitizing wipes (I'm one of those paranoid moms that sanitizes the high chair and table tops!)

Regular wipes for clean-up after the meal

Paper towels for spills


Mrs. T said...

GREAT idea!

Donna said...

Good Idea---I also like to bring along my kids mini magna doodle and mini write on wipe off educational books.
Great post!

Kimberly said...

wonderful idea! I totally know what you mean about digging through the diaper bag! I always have way to much stuff jammed in there!

Sarah said...

Great ideas! My little guy is teething and the other day when he saw the nice shiny table in a restaurant that we were dining at, he couldn't resist to try to take a bite - much to my dismay! Luckily, I too am a disinfectant wiper and so I could breathe a little easier!

I was just getting together our travel kits today - too bad the snacks I'm carrying are for my husband! :) Another idea, for us to keep our little one quiet on the plane, is a simple pack of stickers (we got big colorful circles - labels in the Office Supply section of our store) - they are too big for him to eat and choke on, but big enough for him to play with and keep him entertained for a little while. I'm thinking a green circle on one of his pants . . . a red circle on the (disinfected) tray . . .

singlemomforgod said...

Love it! I won't even wait for traveling, I will just make one up for everyday. My six year old has a tendency to play the baby role when we are in resturants so this will help a momma out alot!

shiloh said...

What a great idea for a baby shower gift!

Kristin said...

G-R-E-A-T idea! Thanks!

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