Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Fun #1

Grammy (my mom) made these adorable chocolate covered pretzel sticks for her class and we got some too!

Valentine's Day was busy at our house! We kicked off the day by making pink pancakes and then having devotions and talking about love and reading verses in the Bible on the subject.

Then 3 neighbor kids came over (they were skipping school because they wanted to stay home on V-day) and we spent an hour making valentines for their parents and siblings.

Ali was overjoyed to receive a heart sucker from Mommy and Daddy after lunch!


Heather Hanson said...


How did your mom make the pretzel rods? They look really fun!

Mrs. Taft said...

Looks like a great time!!! :D How fun!

Mrs. Jo said...

My mom has a plastic mold she got at a craft store in a mall somewhere. The mold is for melting chocolate in and I think she bought some red almond bark chocolate or dyed some white stuff red and then laid the pretzel sticks into the mold to harden.

Heather Hanson said...


Jerri said...

Great post. It really does look you guys had fun! And those pretzel rods look so neat!

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