Monday, February 11, 2008

Making My Home a Haven Monday

Crystal's challenge today is laundry but since mine is caught up, I'm going to write about my new home management binder. I've really enjoyed the index card system, but wanted something that I could glance through the entire week at once on instead of just the daily stuff. I gave the dry-erase markers a try with the binder thing and found it didn't work for me so I just print off sheets on my computer of actual paper and check it off with a pen. There are daily things, a list for weekly stuff, bi-monthly stuff, Monthly, and then my goals for the year. I've already discovered a few regular chores and things I've forgotten so I'm going to have to keep adapting my schedule sheets as life is constantly changing. At the front of my binder is a calendar page (from one I got free at the grocery store) and a verse I'm working on memorizing. Any extra papers, like Ali's take-home Sunday School worksheets can be stored in the binder pockets. I've also noted some things I need to remember to buy on my grocery shopping day on a yellow sticky note stuck to the Friday list.

Yes, a lot on my list is rather redundant and silly. Do I really need to have breakfast and shower on the list? I guess I just enjoy checking off more things! I didn't include EVERYTHING on my list. Of course throughout the day I will cuddle the kids, change diapers, make the bed, and pick up toys and do a myriad of other things not listed. Having this general list and daily routine is good for me though as I find it fun and helpful in motivating me, especially on days where I'm extra tired or not ambitious. It also helps me to prioritize my life too and remember things I typically tend to forget in a busy week. Time training my kids about God is of utmost importance as well as jotting something down that I can do to bless my husband each day (after asking him). If there are extras I need to do that aren't usually on the weekly schedule like call a certain person, send an e-mail or run an errand, I write them in at the bottom of the list with pen.

I'd love to hear what you other moms do for time management and whether or not you use lists! I don't have to have lists. I will still clean and get stuff done if I don't but I have enjoyed getting into the habit of using them because I think that having life more organized, rather than less, will definitely help with the homeschooling we plan to do in the future.


Heather Hanson said...

Did you decide the tasks to do daily and monthly, or did you use a template for a home organization binder?

Mrs. Jo said...

My tasks are broken down into daily, and then there is a list of weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly. On Tuesday afternoons, for example I am supposed to choose 1 thing to accomplish on the weekly list and the bi-monthly list. Most of the monthly ideas are things that can easily be squeezed in on a Saturday or anytime throughout the week.
I didn't use a template. I developed my own schedule kind of based off my index card system I had previously been using. The book on how to do the index card method said to go through each room of the house and list every single chore you can think of associated with that room and figure out how many times per week/month/year you needed to do the job. Over time, you add to your schedule as you remember things too. I'm not aware of WHERE to find a template, but I could send you my schedule on e-mail if you're interested. I know lots of women out there have home organizational binders and even fancier systems than I do! You can view a lot of them on the blogs of women who post on biblicalwomanhood a lot.

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