Friday, February 1, 2008

Still Here!

For those of you who are wondering where I am in the blogging world *haha* I've been busy with preparations for my in-laws' visit here for a few days. I have some GREAT deals to post about eventually that I got at Walgreens yesterday and I'll probably feature pics of a diaper-making class that I'm teaching to some friends tomorrow! I haven't abandoned my blog. My gagging and heaving is becoming less and less thankfully and I can see an end in sight. I get more done and have more energy and less icky moments, though my mom did get a kick out of me tonight. She took all of us out for Mexican food at our favorite spot and when I was walking to my car, feeling absolutely miserable even though I had eaten my favorite entree, I said, "Thanks so much for supper, BLAHHHHH (spontaneous and huge gag!)" My mom laughed and thought it was the funniest "thank you for supper" she'd ever seen!

I shall return soon!

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Heather Hanson said...

Hi, Linds!

Glad you're feeling well. I was beginning to wonder!

Hope your visit with in-laws went well.

God bless!

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