Friday, February 8, 2008

Frugal Friday--Frugal Eyeglass Tip

For those of you who wear eyeglasses, I discovered something recently that will save me some money in the future. I hadn't been in for new glasses in 2.5 years and mine were getting very scratched up due to the fact that I often dried them on whatever was handy and cleaned them with cotton fabric. I had always just assumed that one's eyes changed every couple of years and it was a NECESSITY to get new glasses. I'm a contact person, but ever since becoming pregnant the first time and also during nursing, I can't wear them due to eye dryness. So, I'm now a glasses person for a while.
When I recently went in for new glasses the doctor said that not only were my eyes the same prescription, but one eye had improved a power! He said this is common as your eyes change a lot until about 25 and then they usually stay the same for quite a long time. I didn't realize this. Apparently if I had kept my glasses up better I could have still used them for many, many years provided I liked the style and the frame was sturdy. After I had new lenses put in, I bought a bunch of special cleaning cloths to have on hand around the house. I have been very careful with not letting the kids touch or bop my glasses, careful not to let them fall or drop off my nightstand, and have only cleaned them with appropriate cloths and spray. If I can keep my glasses looking great, they will last me another 10 years! Even if I get contacts in the next few years again, it will be nice to have some glasses on hand for some days when I'm sick or extra tired. It costs a minimum of $300 to get an exam and new pair of glasses (and this is at Wal-Mart) where I got mine. If you make an effort to care for your glasses, you could stretch the life of them to 2 or 3 times what you might have normally had to pay, saving up to $600 in the long run! Of course this tip won't work for kids whose eyes may change every year or two, but if both you and your spouse wear glasses, this tip could save you a lot!

Other Tips:
*Choose a classic style frame that complements your face and will look good for several years.
*Choose a sturdy, well-made frame.
*Invest a little extra for the anti-glare and protective coating on the lenses. It costs about $40 more, but will help them last longer and not scratch.
*Keep your glasses in a safe place where kids can't get at them.


Josh & Laura Helweg said...

Hey Lindsey,
I guess I don't remember you without glasses!!! I'm a contact person myself, and can still wear them when I am pregnant/nursing. However I find that my eyes change every time I am pregnant.. the Dr says this is common, all the hormone levels. :) Crazy huh? I just have to keep updating my prescriptions before I order to make sure I get the current ones I need! Such as now, I need another box, but I'm making do until after baby is born, when my eyes will change again!
I wish I could get cool looking glasses.. I like to wear them it's just that our Insurance coverage only pays for kind of outdated looking ones.. :) O-well! At least they are free!!!
Great find for you! I am excited you'll be saving money on yours!

Anonymous said...

Check out They have ridiculously affordable glasses (from your current prescription). I ordered a pair for my son, spent about $18 including shipping, and the quality is great; can't tell the difference between them and his over-$100 pair. Next time I need a new pair for myself, this is where I'll get them.

Sophia said...

I'm impressed! I've had glasses since 2nd grade (yuck!), and my eyes have never, ever improved. I haven't kept up with a new prescription every two years, either, but I certainly haven't gotten away with a 10-year span. That's pretty cool!

A little warning, though - my mom hasn't had her glasses changed for 10 years. She has been having awful migraine headaches for several years now, and we never thought to link it with the glasses. But when she went in for another eye exam, he informed her that he's almost 100% positive her prescription has been the problem all along.

So enjoy your savings, but look out for the "changing prescription" warning signs. (You probably knew that, but it's fresh in my mind.) :)

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