Monday, February 18, 2008

Safeway Shopping Rally

I already mentioned my Rice-A-Roni deals in a previous post. However, I didn't realize that there were MORE things in the Safeway deal until our friend Jesse, who recently became an obsessively awesome Money Saving Dad, mentioned it. Thanks to Jesse's tip, I looked over a 53 page list online to find what other food items we needed were included in the deal. I took my $20 coupon back to the store and bought another 25 items, which generated another $20 coupon, which I used to buy another 25 items! All together I spent around $70, but I still have a $20 coupon on anything in the store to spend for next week's groceries. So, for about $50, I got everything above, plus 25 boxes of Rice-A-Roni (77 items total). Included in the above photo are:
1 Crockpot Meal (which last for 2 meals for us)
2 jugs of Wesson Oil
14 cans of diced italian tomatoes
3 bags of chips (hey, my hubby likes junk for snacks!)
3 boxes of crackers
Cake mixes
Muffin and coffee cake mixes
7 packages of Green Giant vegetables
3 boxes of popcorn
3 boxes of Pony fruitsnacks
etc. etc. etc.
I used coupons on a lot of the items too. I figure all of the canned tomatoes were free, as well as 20 boxes of Rice-A-Roni and the popcorn and fruit snacks were under 50 cents a box averaged out. Awesome deals! Hit up your Safeway today! You can save even more money if your store doubles coupons!
Wal-Mart cost of everything I bought here would have been a minumum of $90. I saved as much as 80% on one order, 60% on another, and 39% on the third one! Safeway is my new favorite grocery store!


Josh & Laura Helweg said...

You're so lucky Lindsey, to have a Safeway near you! I have been scouring the area up here trying to find even one safeway owned store remotely close to us! They always have such great deals! Maybe someday we'll get one, but great for you guys to take advatage of!!!

Anonymous said...

For trying to go organic or even healthy there's a lot of junk food there! Those packaged meals are terrible. Lots of added preservatives and artificial junk. Fruit snacks are one of the worst things for kids. You should try something like dried fruit or fruit leathers.

Mrs. Jo said...

Dear Anonymous,

I realize a lot of this seems unhealthy, but it's not what we are going to eat all week long, it's a pantry-stocking thing. We had plenty of milk, juice, cheese, organic apples, salad, and frozen elk on hand this week to complement the pantry stuff. I don't have the option to buy all organic, because of location and lack of funds. It is my goal to grow in organic living, but I'm still a far cry from the ladies at who make everything out of millet and kefira and don't even use yeast for their homemade loaves or let anything non-organic in the house!
My husband likes a handful of chips with lunch or for a midnight snack and he's as skinny as a rail and can afford to! The fruit snacks are a VERY rare purchase and I consider them like candy. The kids can have one once in a while or on long car trips. At around 40 cents a box, it was a good time to stock those for future trips or rewards. I do agree that dried fruit is much better and should be the norm. As for the crockpot dinner, what can I say? My hubby loves them and when you are very sick and pregnant on top of it, it's the only way my family is going to eat on a day like that! It's not our norm and I much prefer a homemade stew from our organic elk meat but once in a while is fine! I usually hand-shake my popcorn kernels over a hot burner to make popcorn but my laziness won out at the price of 50 cents a box this time and it's so much faster! And the Saltines, though they may be unhealthy, are great for the pregnant queasies! I can't afford to buy all organic oils, but at least I make my own homemade wheat bread from the oil pictured!
The rice-a-roni I bought was the natural, non-preservative kind or the brown rice, whole-grain variety. We may only have it once or twice a week as a complement to meat and veggies.

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