Monday, February 18, 2008

Birthday Tea #2

Ali was tickled to get a little dog, we named "Fluffy" from her friend Anne.

Southern Belle Bonnet!

Last week when we were at the Dollar Store, Grammy insisted on buying these little purses for the party to hold the favors. We put a candy bracelet inside, along with their tea cup and a shiny bead necklace (10 for $1 at the Dollar Store!)

The tiniest lady at the party, Arianna, age 1, acted very ladylike (okay, except for dunking her fingers in her tea cup!)

Ali's great-grandma, who is 90, made these lovely little doll outfits for her and sent them for her birthday. One of the doll's outfits matches a bonnet Great Grandma made Ali over a year ago!

1 comment:

Mrs. Taft said...

Awww, what a wonderful Great-Grandma :)

Looks like everyone had lots of fun!

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