Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Third Time Around

Those of you with seven kids or more will probably chuckle at me. But I've decided to compile some thoughts on how the Third Pregnancy has been different and alike the other ones I've experienced.

*I have absolutely no desire or time to take belly photos until closer to the end. Remember when you took monthly (or some of you, weekly) belly shots and told everyone you were so big at 3 months along? Not happening this time. I'll take shots when I'm actually big to save for the baby's scrapbook but I'm less interested in my centimeter by centimeter growth.

*I'm putting off maternity clothes for as long as possible. The first couple of times you can't wait to wear them and start wearing them long before you truly need to. I've seen myself as big as a house so I don't need to pretend my belly looks even remotely pregnant before it does. Now, my mentality is that I will wear my normal clothes as long as I possibly can until it becomes nearly indecent to do so! Rubberbands and paper clip extenders, here I come!

*Were you ever one of those hysterical first-time parents that felt the need to tell everyone that your baby was the size of a thumbnail this week and is doing such and such a thing in the womb? We weren't as bad as some even with our first, but now, though it's cool to occasionally read about what our baby in the womb is doing, we don't feel the need to share it with anyone, even the grandparents.

*The first time through you have "What to Expect When You're Expecting" memorized backward and forward and read it daily, religiously as well as every book in the entire library on pregnancy. The second time, you make sure to glance at it every 2-3 weeks. The third time, you consider giving it away or selling it at your yard sale. The only reason you crack it is to see if there are any morning sickness tips in there you've forgotten.

*The first time you can't wait to go to your prenatal appointments and recount every detail once you're done. The second time around you are mildly excited. The third time around you put off going to the doctor as long as possible since you know it's usually no fun anyway and you hate peeing in a cup!

*The first time around you take your husband to EVERY appointment and you spend COUNTLESS HOURS talking about pregnancy, childbirth, practicing relaxation techniques, etc. The second time you bring him to one or two special appointments. The third time you hope he just is able to watch the other kids during your appointment and you don't care if he shows up for a single one (unless we choose to have an ultrasound this time.)

*Without a doubt you are every bit as excited and full of anticipation with each and every child you have. The first pregnancy isn't the most exciting and most full of wonder, though some people will tell you this. Each pregnancy is equally as thrilling as you imagine having another little one in your family. In some ways, subsequent pregnancies become more exciting because you know that your love will just keep multiplying with every baby and you know it will be one of the best moments of your life when that little one appears. You know from experience what it feels like to hold your new baby and so you can't wait to have that sensation again!

*Our baby is every bit as loved and cherished and worried over and prayed over. It doesn't matter if we weren't "planning" on the baby or whether or not we think we can afford it or whether or not the timing is "perfect." Each baby that we have is equally loved no matter what gender or what differences they have. So, if you happen to be the 3rd kid in your family, or the 5th, or the 10th, or the 17th, know that your parents couldn't love you any more than they already do and you are just as special to them as the first. This is a good lesson for me since I am a firstborn!

*You still get excited over baby things. I may not be browsing the baby sections of stores all the time dreaming of all the baby things like I did the first time but I am definitely excited to pull out tiny outfits and get the baby's things set up. I am busy sewing diapers for the baby to come and can't wait to make some leather shoes to have on hand for baby (since I surely won't have time to sew much once baby comes.)

*You can only get BETTER at pregnancy nutrition. The first time around I tried to be careful but found that with the intense sickness I was lucky just to eat what sounded good. The second time I found this even more so the case as my sickness was worse. Thanks to the Unisom this time around, I have been eating a wonderful diet and more organically than ever before! As I continually improve my family's nutrition year by year, I get healthier and healthier about pregnancy eating too!

*Pregnancy is just one small part of your life now. With one's first, it seems like one can talk about little else. Every aspect of pregnancy gets discussed over and over and you have a one-track brain that can't seem to leave the subject behind. But with your second and third pregnancies, you have another or other children to keep track of and your life is plenty busy. So, while pregnancy is still sometimes discussed with friends, you are more likely to be talking about or chasing your other children. (And here I am talking about pregnancy on my blog....*heehee* ...at least it's not every day, in every post!)

*You have gotten to the point where you will STRONGLY consider drugs. Forget about all the idealistic moments when you'd never been through a labor when you said you would "tough it out" for the sake of your little darling so not a bit of horrible medicine would drug the little peanut up and make her/him drowsy! Forget about your terrifying fear of needles! After two natural childbirths, I think I'm ready to get down on my hands and knees and BEG my midwife for something to ease the pain!

*You've learned to let a lot go! Just as you relax more with each child and get over the "super parent" phenomenon, you learn to relax with each pregnancy about the stuff that doesn't truly matter. I would only stick my toes in a hot tub with my first. With my third, I've spent a lot of time in a hot tub; I'm just careful not to get overheated, which is the whole point of not hot-tubbing when you're pregnant anyway. With your first, you freak out about the microwave and stand 10 feet away from it. With your third, you thank the Lord for your microwave and figure it's plenty safe since it's fairly new. With your first, you are scared to lift anything figuring it will cause a miscarriage. With your third, you have no choice but to lift your screaming 33 pound child up when they are hurt, not to mention toting your little one-year old everywhere.

*Your newest baby probably gets MORE belly interaction than the other ones got. Because you're reading even more books to your kids and singing more songs with them than ever before and more family members want to touch the baby through the belly. On the other hand, your poor new baby hears a lot more yelling too! The first belly baby probably heard none, the second one heard, "ALI JOY!" and now the third one is hearing, "ALI JOY" and "JEREMIAH DAVID!"

Anybody want to add to my list?


Josh & Laura Helweg said...

Oh Lindsey.. I laughed all the way through this list!!! Isn;t it funny how things change your 2nd and 3rd time around?? :) I have noticed things like this too.. I can;t think of any to add, but I just LOVE reading this.. it makes me smile!!!
Actually, I can think of a few.. I used to drink those "Pregnancy Moms" vitamin shakes and never missed my prenatal vitamins with Leah, this time around I'm lucky if I remember to take Vitamins at all, and never mind spending extra money for preggo shakes! :) Just funny things like that.. Love it!

Thia said...

You're also a lot more practical when it comes to people wanting to help or offering to buy stuff.
In the midst of my third pg and your list is SO true!

Liz said...

funny!! I'm on my first and I'm wondering if my friends think I will ever shut up about being pregnant ... lol! but I've waited a long time for this, and I'm going to enjoy every second.

I've also enjoyed reading your blog. I'd love to see a pattern for your diapers!

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