Sunday, February 24, 2008

Deals of the Week

The Walgreens hit this week was pretty good! What was even better was 2 hours out of the house on a "mommy break" with a girlfriend for a drive in the beautiful sunshine to get there and back!

I got everything in the pic for $29.60 plus the $5 RR from the Venus razor, which I spent on one of the Fusion razors (I did 3 transactions to make it all work). I spent the $29 on my Walgreens card from previous rebates and 60 cents was out of pocket. I got $12 in register rewards to spend next time, and will get $14 back in rebates, making my total for all of this around $4!

3 fancy $10 razors

4 Jane make-up items (which I got paid $1.50 to buy because of the awesome internet coupons!)

5 packages of feminine hygiene products (which I can use for missionary blessing packages OR save since I will need them after the birth)

2 boxes of Kleenex

Spa Radiance body wash
Permanent markers
Also, I noticed that at least one of the razors has a thing you can fill out to tell the company how you liked their product and they will give you a $10 gift card/debit card to spend anywhere for it! So, if I get that reward, I will have gotten paid $6 to buy all of this stuff!
For those of you who think all we eat is junk, this week's groceries happened to be milk, cheese, and tons of fresh fruits and veggies since our pantry and freezer is stocked! How nice it was to see strawberries and mangoes and broccolli and cauliflower on good sales! I usually only highlight the super good deals I get on groceries so people never see the fact that we DO buy healthy food!


shiloh said...

I can't wait to get more Jane make-up when it goes on sale again on March 9th! You have gotten me completely hooked on this bargain shopping!

Mrs. Jo said...

How do you know what day it goes on sale anyway?

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