Sunday, February 24, 2008

Latest Shoe Project

Here are my latest shoes, made for a friend's new baby girl. I think they are the cutest little girl pair I have made yet, but then again my husband says that I say that about every pair! I love having all kinds of beautiful leather colors to work with, thanks to a woman from church who found lots of neat scraps in Billings for me! This was the first time I tried using a multi-colored thread (purple, pink, and blue) and I love the way it added to the look of the zig-zagging.


Josh & Laura Helweg said...

These are adorable Lindsey!!! I think they are your cutest pair yet (of girl's anyway!!) Way to go!

lizzykristine said...

Very cute! Makes me want to sew some little booties, too! :)

Mrs. Taft said...

...if I ever have another baby I am SO buying some just like these from you!

the momma said...

ooh, these are lovely!!!
I have SO got to sew Lily new shoes; she's outgrown all of hers, but my sewing scissors have disappeared!
we have logged in about 5 hours LOOKING for the darn things. grr
Now, I'll really be hard-pressed to finish Lana's wedding dress before March!

how you feeling, girl??

Mrs. Jo said...


Your baby will be getting a pair of shoes for sure!

Mrs. Taft,

You've become such a good blogging buddy, I would be thrilled to make you a pair free of charge! Are you hoping for #3 soon?

I can't believe you'd be looking so long for scissors! They must be good scissors! I hope you get the wedding dress done in time. Sounds like a stressful time! I know planning a wedding was pretty stressful for me and my family back when it was my turn. I hope your shoes for Lily turn out great!

SamAndHisGirls said...

Those are so, so cute! The pair you made for Kayley, though were just as adorable and I love them too!

Lyndi said...

These are so cute! Do you sell them? If not, you should.

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