Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Grandma's Hardest Day

Thanks for your kind words and thoughts about my Grandpa. Please be in prayer for my Grandma as she was in a bad car accident today. As if life wasn't tough enough for her, she was driving to her Doctor's clinic for the test results on some tests they ran on her a couple of weeks ago at Mayo clinic and got in an accident that totalled her Durango and sent her to the hospital (no, not the same one Grandpa is in). She had some health issues recently (due to getting lost in downtown St. Paul after visiting Grandpa in the hospital and getting trapped in crazy rush hour traffic). This episode sent her heart to racing and she was hospitalized for a few days and then had tests ran at the Mayo clinic. Anyhow, on her way to get the results, she ran a red light or stop sign going 55 and had a bad wreck. She's going to be fine, though she's sore, but this is definitely an added trial considering they think Grandpa won't last beyond Saturday. I'm also not sure she will have an income once Grandpa passes away since she was a homemaker all her life (she did sew dresses and bake fancy cakes for folks from her home but it wasn't a full-time business) and she doesn't get any Social Security that I know of. They invested what they had for retirement with my uncle, their son, a while back as he promised them they would make tons of money. They lost it all in a stock crash! So, I have no idea what she will live off of once she's alone. Of course her kids will help her out.

My poor grandparents need so much prayer! It's hard to see loved ones going through trials.


shiloh said...

We will definitely be praying for you and your family!

Lyndi said...

Its been awhile since i've read your blog, I'm sorry to hear about your grandparents. i'll keep them in my prayers

Mrs. Taft said...

*hugs* Oh dear. Said a prayer just now.

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