Monday, March 22, 2010

New Haircut

Can I just say that I discovered I am the most un-photogenic person alive?  It took a lot of picture-taking attempts, and a lot of photo-editing just to be able to share these few photos on my blog!
My typical style for the last couple of years has been to twist it up in a clippy like this.

New Haircut:
She took about 4 inches off and layered the sides a little bit and used a straightener to fix it
It's still long enough for me to pull up the sides with clips if I so desire. 
My hair has natural wave so it looks fuller than the "salon-look" if I don't straighten it.
I like it!  I can also use hot rollers for a really curly look if I want to look fancier.
Because I had trouble getting an appointment with my favorite couple of hairdressers in town, I went to someone I didn't know.  Can I just say she was the most unprofessional hairdresser I've ever seen?  I seriously thought I would be crying when I left.  She complained about her work, used an unwashed comb and dirty apron, called her hubby and argued with him on the phone while cutting my hair, told me all of her problems, and acted like she was done after 5 minutes.  She also had greasy, unkempt hair and a grubby outfit on (not the greatest way to inspire clients) and insulted my current part ("Lose the butt crack on your head!"), even though it was a side-part, not a middle-part.  However, because she was mad at her husband she ended up taking 30 minutes on my hair instead of going home right away and did ask me for lots of input, so I ended up being really happy when I left the shop.  And at least the haircut was only $15!  But I definitely won't be going back there!  I'll plan ahead and call a few weeks ahead for an appointment at a more professional place!


snorvold said...

Very Cute! I love the new look! It is always such a good feeling to try something new! I don't envy the stylist that you had though! whew..... I am just thankful that you didn't come out crying and got something that you liked in the end!

Lesley said...

I love it! My favorite is the first one of your new haircut where it is straight and looks so thick and beautiful. Very nice! My hair looks like your first picture on most days. It's getting long again and drives me crazy hanging in my face. It may be time for a change.
So sorry about the unprofessional stylist! I've had a few of those and it always gives me a sinking feeling as they start on my hair. Glad you came out looking good in spite of it!

Anonymous said...

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Tammy Brown said...

Your hair looks great! Love the side swept bangs. I've actually have dreaded getting a new haircut because of dealing with unprofessional stylists in the past! I'm glad that the end result was great for you!

Tammy Brown

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful, Lindsay! I need something fresh too, but I JUST got my hair all one length. Ugh. Isn't that how it always goes? ;)


the momma said...

I love it! So sorry the gal was less-than-lovely, though!
You might try a 'root-lifter' product, that way, when you want to, you can go with the more polished straight look, but still get the volume you have when going wavy.

and - you are not un-photogenic! Silly girl :-)

Thia said...

Love the new do. My hair is up in a clip every day too. Since it's down to my tush, that's a lot of hair. I want a cut, but don't know where to go that will do a good job and not charge too much! Usually a friend does it, but she's out of commission for a while. Has it been easier to deal with?

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