Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mommy Cards

About a month ago, I read this post at Life as Mom about how you could get 100 personal cards for $1.99 at Vista Prints.  I had never heard of "Mommy Cards" before, but I got to thinking, "I could really use those!"  Anyone who knows me knows that I routinely meet new moms at the park, at ballet, at swimming, at church, etc. and love introducing them to other moms or inviting them into our group so they can make some friends.  I'm always having to search through a jumbled purse to find a scrap of paper to write my blog address or phone number on.  And my Dad too, is always asking me, "What's your blog address again?  I told some gals I met about it." 
So, I ordered 100 Mommy Cards and was excited to see them in the mail a couple of weeks later.  They have my name, phone number, e-mail address, and blog address on them.  I sealed them in tiny ziplocs and put some in my camera case, purse, park backpack, Ergo carrier, and van so that I'll always have them handy whether I'm on foot or driving.  I can't believe the emotional boost I got just from having my own colorful business card!  Even if I never used them, (but I know I will!), the emotional perk would be worth every penny of the $1.99 (+ shipping) that I paid for them!  I highly recommend them if you are a mommy that likes to meet new people!


Heather said...

Fun idea! Maybe I'll try it. :)

the momma said...

those are cute!

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