Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blessing Others Through Celebration--Keeping Your Party Simple

Last week we covered


If you are new to party planning or want to keep things simple because you don't have a lot of help or time, here are some tips:

  • Where:  Have it at your home, a friend's house, or at your church
  • Who to invite?  Invite fewer people if possible.  Focus on the people whom the person is closest to.
  • What time:  Go with a time in the mid-morning or afternoon or after dinner to avoid having to serve a full meal.
  • Food: Opt for one main thing, like cake or ice-cream sundaes, with some small appetizers on the side: nuts, fruit, cheese and crackers, etc.  Simple drinks: water, hot tea and coffee, pink lemonade, koolaid, milk, pop.
  • Avoid games if you possibly can.  Games are fun and can make a party memorable, but if you are trying to keep things ultra simple, skip the games.
  • No need for music or entertainment, unless you want to just pop a favorite CD in for some background music
  • There is no need to really decorate if you want a simple party.  Decorations are the thing I probably like least.  I had fun doing a few things for my daughter, but most of the time I skip decorations or get a talented decorator friend on board with me when I do an event.  Often, they seem like a waste of time.  I've been to showers where there are tons of decorations and showers where there are none, and I think both were just as nice.  The thing that made the party special was being together, sharing in someone's joy, and blessing that person, not the decorations.  So, to keep things simple I usually limit my decorating to a nice tablecloth, a vase or two of flowers, and the occasional bouquet of balloons.
  • Party supplies:  Next week we'll talk about The Party Stash.  You can keep party supplies very simple by purchasing coordinating plates and napkins and cups at the Dollar Store for a few bucks.
  • Gifts:  In a couple of weeks I'll write about the gift stash and how to keep giving gifts simple for yourself. 
  • Invitations: In lieu of a formal, printed invitation, it's often very appropriate to send an e-mail invite, call folks on the phone, or talk to them in person.  This could save you time AND stamps!
Next week we'll talk about The Party Stash.

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