Friday, March 26, 2010

Lovin' My Little People Recap #2

Lovin' My Little People is a challenge I made for myself to look for ways to show my children extra love this month.  Each day I write a Lovin' My Little People status on facebook.  Here is my post featuring my first 10 ideas.  Here are the next 10.  At the end of the month I'll post the remaining 11 ideas.

#11: Leaning on God's strength to love my kids. Justus kept me up the entire night on Tues. with tooth pain and Jer was up literally the entire night last night feeling sick. If I could get Jer to stop crying and go to sleep for even a few minutes, Justus would be awake, crying or whimpering ...or thumping my bed. Finally gave up on trying to sleep even for a few minutes 'cause it was futile.
*Note*  All 5 of us got sick in this 2-day span.  Justus had a fever and teething and the rest of us got a horrible stomach flu.
#12--Resting with and cuddling with the kids all day. Sooo thankful for my wonderful Mom! I hope I can be half as wonderful of a mom as she is. She brought us some movies and 7Up last night and left a bag of food, including Saltine crackers, which we just happened to be hungry for, on the doorstep this morning, and has been checking up on us in spite of being busy at work.

#13: Time to get some fresh air! Since we all got between 11-14 hours of sleep last night we're ready for a bike ride! Ali loves riding her new bike and the boys love riding behind Mom in the bike cart.

#14: Loving my kids means caring for their physical needs, which is why I've put them to bed an hour earlier at 6 or 6:30pm the last few days. It's help them recuperate from illness and adjust to the time change. And it's definitely been nice for Mom and Dad too!

#15:  My kiddoes love to paint but as it is they usually only get to do it once a week. Today we're going to do a painting clinic at the kitchen table and do a variety of painting and stamping so that they will get their little hearts' fill of it!

#16: Going to work with the kids on memorizing Phil. 2:14, a favorite verse for every parent!

#17: Green shirts and green snacks and little school lesson about St. Patrick, missionary to Ireland. We're also going to the library storytime "Peter Rabbit" play.

#18: It's so much fun to sing with your kiddoes. In the course of a busy life it's all too easy to forget to do this. Making an effort today to sing with my little ones.

#19--You can try to do everything right, give your kids the best education, buy them lots of stuff, keep them in the best health, and shelter them from harm, but if you don't teach them the meaning of life and how they can have Life beyond this life and ultimate satisfaction, you have given them... NOTHING. Putting together a lesson plan for Easter week and teaching my kids the Truth.

#20: Time for some family fun! The Children's Museum is having their 10th anniversary circus-themed celebration today!


Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for you that you cannot live a happy life without thinking that you are living to please a higher being, that you cannot be happy in the life you have without thinking you are going to have a great afterlife. That you are providing your children with only one way of thinking by isolating them from the world with homeschooling. That you are afraid your children will not follow you if you expose them to the rest of society. That you cannot see that religion only serves to divide the human race. You bring society back 200 years. Oh no, I better go now, according to your blog I better go train my daughters to be party planners, because that is their role in life. Why even bother to teach them to read and write, that they can be anything they choose to be, be it a stay at home mom or a neurosurgeon, after all the puppetmaster God has control and if he doesn't like the way they live their life, well damn them to hell.

Lesley said...

Love it! #19 really sticks with me and is so true!

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