Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cake Tip

I mentioned that I made the Angelina cake a couple of days before the party to save myself stress the day of the party.  How did I protect it in a small house with lots of little children that love cake?
My first thought was to grab a cardboard box to put it in, but then I thought of the dust, dirt, and smells that it could absorb if I went that route.  So, I decided to raid my kids' closet.  I am a container-freak and have all their playsets and homeschooling supplies in plastic tubs so I had plenty on hand.  I just dumped one out, stored the games that had been in it on a shelf temporarily, rinsed it out, flipped it over, and kept the cake safe!


Jade said...

Iam planning on making the princess cake for Victoria's birthday that you made a while back. I also want to make it ahead of time. Because it is so tall I am not sure how to protect it until the party begins. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I have another great tip for you that I gleaned from a seasoned mom. For birthday parties, she scooped the ice cream into paper muffin cups before the party, and stored those in muffin tins in the freezer. Sometimes, she would add sprinkles, too. Then,at party time, she would simply slide a cupcake and an "ice cream cup" on to each plate. No messing with ice cream at a busy time! :) Smart!

Anonymous said...

You are AWESOME. I have such a hard time thinking creatively. I have a cake to make in a few weeks and I plan to make it ahead of time too. I am sooooo using this idea. Thanks! I'm still looooving your blog! :)


LS said...

I'm not sure Jade. When I made Anna's ahead of time I just put it in the fridge with no covering or plastic wrap and made sure no one even came near it. Maybe you could find a cylinder-type plastic garbage can at the dollar store to put over it? Or maybe just put it on a table in a room that the kids can't access at all?

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