Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blessing Others Through Celebration--First Steps

The first step to planning a successful celebration is that "P" word I'm forever talking about on this blog. 


 A party doesn't plan itself! 
Starting a month or two in advance will ensure plenty of time to get everything ready.

So, grab a notebook or your home management binder, find a pen, and begin scratching down the framework for your celebration.

Who is it for?
Where will it be?
Who will be invited?
What time will this event occur?
What will be served?
Will games be played?  If so, what games?
Will there be music or entertainment?
Will there be a speech/talk or devotional?
Decorations Needed:
Party supplies Needed:
Gift(s) for the special person?
Invitations?  When will they be sent out?

And most importantly.....WHO WILL HELP YOU?????

The biggest key to throwing a successful celebration is sharing the load.  Now, if you're just planning to make a simple cake and have a bite of cake after dinner with a family member for their birthday, you may not need help.  If you're meeting friends at a restaurant for a quick bridal shower over lunch, you can skip some of the details and probably won't need to share the load.  But if you have quite a few people coming for a large birthday party, shower, etc., do not try to do the celebration yourself.  I repeat....
I need this reminder because I tend to be the type that would attempt to do so.

The fastest way to burnout as a "Celebration Manager" is to try to do the snacks, games, decorations, devotional, games, and coordinating  for a big event with no help. 

So....when contemplating WHO WILL HELP YOU, think about the relatives, friends, church acquaintances of the person you are throwing the party for and drop some hints or make some calls.  Many times, I have discovered that while I was planning on doing a shower for someone, their other friends were also thinking about it and it was a relief for both of us to come together and "share the load" instead of one person planning everything.  And even though I did most of the birthday party prep for Ali's Angelina Ballerina Birthday by myself, I did invite my mom to help with crowd control and serving the food, and was grateful for a few moms who stuck around and helped me with the games.  Even for a kid's birthday, which isn't on the same scale as throwing someone a large shower, it was wonderful to have help!

Events I have planned/helped plan so far this year:

Birthday party for a friend
Birthday party for my mom's 50th
Ali's Angelina Party
Birthday dinner at a restaurant for a friend
Birthday Bash for two gals in Bible Study having milestone birthdays in January

Events I have coming up so far this year:

Modesty Night for teen girls in late March
Bridal Shower for my friend Amber who eloped in November
Baby Shower for my friend Tracy
Easter Dinner with my family
Mother's Day lunch with my folks
Father's Day picnic with my folks
Baby Shower for friend in June
Celebration Picnic for my parent's 30th Anniversary
(which was last summer, but we never did get around to having a party)
Bible Study Baby Shower for a "miracle baby" in July
Attending at least 6 other baby showers this year on top of those listed above
Mother-Daughter Night at Church for teen girls and their moms
Jeremiah's 4th Birthday Party with friends
(which he currently says will be a dinosaur theme,
but we won't hold our breath as it changes often)
Justus' Second Birthday Party (with family only)

As you can see, this is going to be a busy year!  Last year it seemed everyone under the sun got married and this year there are countless people we know having babies.  There is a lot of celebrating going on! 

Which means I'd better dig out my notebook and get busy!

I'd love to hear how you prepare for a celebration and how you have shared the load with others in the past.  And what events do you have coming up this year that you are responsible for?

Next week we'll cover:

Keeping your Party Simple

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