Friday, March 12, 2010

Lovin' My Little People Recap

Inspired by a friend who did a special emphasis on treating her kids extra special during the month of February I decided to challenge myself to Lovin' my Little People on facebook.  Each day of March I have been posting my plan for showing my kids extra measures of love for the day.  It's been a wonderful way to keep my priorities fresh and focus on showing my kids in new ways how much I really love them.  I tend to be a task-oriented Mama so it's helping me to be more of a "free-spirit" Mama.

I wanted to publish my daily ideas here 3x during the month to inspire you all to use some of these ideas to bless your own children.

Day #1:  Say "yes" to requests that I really want to say "no" to because they are an inconvenience to me.
Day #2:  Since my kiddoes spend hours each week coloring pictures for me, I'm going to surprise them by getting into the art supplies and making pictures for each of them!
Day #3:  In my kid's minds LOVE=TICKLES so I will plan to give each one of them a Tickle Torture today.
Day #4:  Took Justus swimming while the older kids had lessons so he wouldn't have to stare longingly at the water from the bleachers. He giggled with glee riding the "Mommy Boat" around the pool.
Day #5:  Going to pull out Grandma's special tea set and have a little tea party with my kiddoes on the little table in their bedroom.
Day#6:  Foot massages for their tiny toes, complete with a foot soak and peppermint foot lotion.
Day#7:  Daddy and Ali are going on a Daddy/Daughter Date to pick out a new bike for her, so it's just me and the boys. Going to bless them with their favorite foods for supper (after all...the way to a boy's heart is through his stomach!)
Day#8:  Let the kids, and not my schedule, determine when we stop reading library books today. I sure hope I have a voice left tomorrow!
Day#9:  Since training my kids is a part of loving my kids, I'm going to work with Jeremiah today on how to make his bed by himself, Alathia on how to sweep up the kitchen floor properly, and Justus on how to pick up toys.
Day#10:  One of our kids lacks confidence and motivation. We have decided as a parenting team to invest extra time, energy, and affection into this little person to help them grow and develop. Lots of training and one-on-one time and lots of praise, encouragement, and affection.

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Heather said...

I LOVE this post. Well done, Lindsey!

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