Thursday, March 25, 2010

28 Today!

Today I'm the ripe old age of 28!
My friends took me out to supper for a Girl's Night Out last Saturday to celebrate.
My friend Laura put together this nifty spa kit with soaps, bubble baths, bath pillow, relaxing music, candle, etc.  I love hot baths!
My other friend, Lora, who planned the Girl's Night Out, gave me this little tin of flower seeds.

Before my brother Colter left for Honduras a couple of weeks ago, he and Anna put together a nice meal and cupcakes for me as "surprise" early birthday party.  My mom and dad had a birthday meal for me last night and my brother, Grant, who recently moved back from Portland, was able to join us.  And my Thursday night Bible study group is going to share birthday dessert with me tonight.  My hubby is taking us all out for supper tonight and my college roomie and lifelong friend Hannah thoroughly spoiled me this year with a fun package.  So, all in all, I'm super blessed!
My friends had originally planned to take me to Thermopolis, a town in WY known for it's natural mineral hot springs.  But a spring snowstorm cancelled our plans so we went out for Mexican food and ended up talking for 4.5 hours straight!
Clockwise, starting on the left: Candis (my brand-new friend!), Laura, Jade, me, and Lora.
My mom popped in an hour late (she hadn't set her clock ahead for daylight savings time) and joined us for a couple of hours.


The Three 22nds said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have done lots of celebrating- that is great! Enjoy!

Heather said...

Happy, happy birthday! Hope it was wonderful. :)

the momma said...

Hope your day was wonderful!!
Happy Birthday!!

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Happy Birthday!!! Glad you had some great time with family and friends.

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