Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yard Sale Deals

The yard saling last Saturday was red-hot! A big church sale, Shop-a-holic Gal's sale, and several other good sales with kids' items. I found the 4 main things I was looking for: nice summer shirts for Ali, a couple of summer shirt for myself (one Land's End, one a new long T), carpenter work pants for King Jo (5 pairs for $1.25 in just the right size, saving us a minimum of $100 this year which we would have spent for him since his job is hard on pants and his tall, thin build is very hard to buy for), and a car seat booster for Ali since we're moving all of our kids up carseat-wise.

6 like-new T-shirts for $3 for my girl! I was so excited to find some T's that didn't have snotty sayings on them and were actually modest since those are rare indeed for girls 4 and up these days. The nice gal I think of as Shop-a-holic Gal does yard sales 2-3 times a summer and must do it as a way to make money (or else has a spending problem) because she always has about nine 6-foot tables full of children's clothing (rows and rows of organized stacks, most of it like-new) and lots of shoes and toys that are new-in-the-box. I love her sales and have been outfitting my kids from her sales for the last few years in addition to hand-me-downs!

This cute duffel bag is perfect for Ali to stash her toys/blankie/sippy for our road trips.

A little pair of girl Robeez for 50 cents (which went to Havily since I have been too lazy to make leather shoes since Justus was born). The darling baby girl onesies and headbands are brand-new but I got them for a quarter. They will go into my baby gift stash. If you've ever wondered how I can instantly whip out a baby gift for someone that looks like I spent $50, this is why!

Jeremiah says he wants ANOTHER racecar birthday when he turns 3. He likes racecars that much! So, this mylar balloon for a quarter was a great find!

This door organizer for the kids' room was a freebie since Shiloh didn't sell it at our own yard sale a couple of weeks ago. It's perfect for organizing all three of our kids' socks, Justus' baby shoes, tights, belts and ties, and swimsuits.

Our yard sale went really well and I think we all turned the bulk of our junk into cash. As usual, I ended up buying or inheriting half of my friend Shiloh's stuff. She has such nice stuff and low prices, I love it! In fact, as her husband unloaded an adorable white cabinet out of his van, I purchased it and he said, "I told Shiloh that you'd probably take this immediately!" They know I have a fascination for organizational things and that cabinet happens to be a perfect homeschool supplies/book shelf that fits nicely in my closet and makes my newly cleaned closet even cleaner! $5 for a 3-level cabinet/shelf system that looks barely used! Someday I may remember to take a pic of it just to show you all!


Lura said...

Great deals!! I love the clothing deals. Sometimes I wonder how people can just go into a store and buy something off the rack at full price. I got 4 pairs of jeans for myself and 4 pairs of shorts for a friend a week or two ago at a church sale. Total cost- $1. It was fill a bag for $1. Some of the smallest/junkiest looking sales have yielded great returns!

Lesley said...

Wow, loved all these pics and your yard sales deals were amazing!!!!! That one of Justus and Ali ready for church is just priceless -- what a couple of cuties! :)

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