Monday, June 8, 2009

Modesty Monday--#22

Thoughts from the Guys:

I asked some Godly men for their opinions. These are opinions--please understand that I may not endorse everything said here.

Here are three of their responses:

Modesty is a very important part of the Christian walk. I have two reasons for this.First and foremost, as God commands us in Proverbs, modesty must be observed. Being that God knows what is best for us, it is a must to observe his commands. Women (or men for that matter) that do not practice modesty in their dress can often fall into deeper problems, such as the opposite sex lusting after them or viewing them as a sex symbol. This in turn may provide an avenue to which the person falls into deeper sexual sin. Second, modesty must be observed because it promotes the image of Jesus. The body of a woman was created by God and is beautiful, and should be viewed that way. Women who dress poorly show that their body is really only a sex object. And that body is made for their husband--not for other men to flaunt over.

Anonymous Guy, age 22

Modesty is very important. Both for women and men. Not dressing modestly on either side can make a challenge for someone who is struggling in the area of lust. Both men and women need to dress in a modest way to help their Christian brothers and sisters in their walk with Christ. If someone is struggling with lust, then seeing someone not dressing modestly or flaunting their stuff or whatever, creates a stumbling block for that struggler. Dressing modestly is also a way of being an example and showing that we as Christians are different. When people see that you dress well but not showing everything off they may notice it and ask you whats up. This could be used as a witness tool, but at the very least you did not create a stumbling block for anyone in that way. We are called to carry ourselves better as followers as Christ and we cannot follow the crowd.

Anonymous Guy, age 18

Modesty is great, but....who gets to define what modesty is? Last time I checked, God made clothing out of animal skins for Adam and Eve. It doesn't say whether those animal skins were field mice or elephants. Modeling a Christian lifestyle is so much more than modeling your wardrobe. Are you modeling your quiet time with your kids? Are you modeling how to be a teacher for other young Christians? Are you modeling how to truly present yourself and everything that makes you, you, as a living sacrifice to God? Are you modeling true worship? The whole, "What Not to Wear, Christian Edition" is best served with being replaced by Godly leaders in our churches who model a lifestyle that glorifies God. Clothes aren't the problem.

Anonymous Guy, Age 30

I agree some with Anonymous Guy age 30's point of view. If guys are struggling with lust, modesty is not going to stop them from lusting after someone because of clothing. Lust is Idolatry and goes deeper than just clothing style. If a girl's ankles are showing a guy that struggles with lust will find a way to lust. Can modest girls never wear shorts? If guys struggle with lust and are drawn to women's legs, modest shorts are not going to stop them. Clothing does not make one struggle with lust, but the intensity of the un-modesty makes the levels of lust rise. Just beware that we can not solve everyone's issues by our dispositions.

Anonymous Guy, age 35

More thoughts from guys coming in an hour!

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