Monday, June 8, 2009

Modesty Monday--#20

What About Modesty in Weddings?

Pastor Todd's thoughts from this great article

Ladies, please don’t forget to apply these principles of modesty to formal events and weddings. In recent years, I have become increasingly grieved by the immodest dresses of both brides and bridesmaids at the weddings that I officiate. I have observed a number of young ladies in our fellowship who have dressed modestly all their lives appearing on their wedding day in extremely provocative dresses, exposing more of themselves than on any other day of their lives.
I assume the best about what is going on in the hearts of these young women. I don’t think that they went to the wedding dress shop determined to be provocative. No doubt, they just wanted a dress that would be elegant on this day that they have dreamed of all their lives. When a bride and mother set out on their expedition to find a wedding dress, they are, quite naturally, thinking like… women! Unfortunately, there is no one in the shop who is thinking like a man! I’d like to make a radical proposal, girls. Why not take your father with you to the wedding boutique? If that thought is just too much for you (or your Dad!) at least consider taking the dress out on approval and allowing your dad to see it before you make your final purchase.

A Beautiful Site for Modest Wedding Dresses where above photo was found:


Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever gone anywhere to try on wedding dresses? You have to get down to your undergarments and possibly try on new undergarments to go with the dress and it can be pretty weird if you have to try on a dress that is to small if they don't have one in your size. Bringing your father along would be incredibly embarrassing for you him and every other woman in the shop who would prefer to be around women only during a dressing room experience. It would be like bringing your dad with you when you were looking for new slips. The man who wrote that obviously has never been to a wedding shop.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous. I would never ask my father for fashion advice or get the 'ok' from him. If I'm old enough to get married, I'm old enough to make my own wardrobe decisions! Also to comment on all the modesty posts, a man will look at you no matter what. I have a larger chest (and no, i do not wear low cut tops intentionally) and it is hard to cover up, what would one suggest?? I would never tape myself down just so men wouldn't stare. If they stare it is their own sinning.

Mrs. Jo said...

I've gone to try on dresses (with my prospective groom) and he never saw anything he wasn't supposed to thanks to the dressing rooms with doors.

It can be done; it may be extra work though. Or maybe the Dad could just stop by briefly and give the okay on the final one.

Mrs. Jo said...

Anonymous #2,

Men are responsible for their own eyes, so I'm not saying make yourself look like a man in an effort to be modest. Women with larger chests (or in my case hips) can't really hide them but you still have to make an effort to be respectable. It sounds like you are already trying to do that. Yes, guys will notice that you have a larger bust, but if you are acting modest, and have a heart that is striving not for your own attention, but to dress in a self-controlled way, then I think you are doing right. It's not a matter of getting a man to not look at you, but aiding them in their struggle against lust by giving them a picture of a lady when they do look! I've heard it said that one should wear shirts tight enough to show you are a woman, but loose enough to show you are a lady. You don't have to wear a tent, but you may have to wear a couple of sizes larger than other gals if you are bustier.

The Three 22nds said...

Wedding shops are no place for men...I agree.

Also, I hate it when men are with their wives hanging around the women's dressing rooms. The mirror angles, short doors etc make things kind of uncomfortable :)

In fact, I won't even enter Victoria's Secret or lingerie dept with my husband. How embarassing for the poor modest single young girls who are trying to shop...

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