Monday, June 8, 2009

Modest Monday--#8

What does a Biblical woman look like?
She is....
Wearing respectable apparel for her culture
(notes taken from the sermon I linked to in post #1)

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Rachel said...

Lindsey -
Thanks for tackling this difficult topic. (and thanks for the virtual balloons :)
My hubby and I recently attended a benefit for the National Coalition for Purity (which is based just in MN currently). Paul has been a part of their ministry and we've been supporting it for years. The goal of NCFP is to purify the bride of Christ before He returns. What they are doing for men and their families after the devastation of sexual sin through pornography and the like is amazing. Sadly though this message needs to be taken to young men and women as it starts long before marriage. Young women in the church need to understand how they dress has such a HUGE impact on men's ability to think pure, thus affecting all areas of their lives. What a shame that our own churches are struggling in this area in such a big way. I wish I had known then what I know now. It's such a difficult message too in a time when the church seems to be very similar to the culture in many ways.

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