Monday, June 8, 2009

Modesty Monday--#18

Modesty is propriety. It's a desire to serve others, particularly men, by not provoking, or promoting sensuality.

Immodesty is much more than wearing a low-cut top or short skirt. It's pride on display by what you wear.

Self-control is in a word, restraint. Restraint for the purpose of purity.

Are you on campaign for your own glory when you are shopping or are you looking for clothes that will bless your brothers?

Sometimes we are ignorant about how men think and we selfishly just want to wear what we want to wear with little thought of how it affects others. But sometimes we do dress to catch the eye of men. Guys lust and girls want to be lusted after.

Modesty is a way we can make much of Jesus with our lives.

We have an opportunity every day to proclaim God's glory in what we wear.

There should be no contradiction between the clothes that we wear and the Gospel we represent.

Janelle Bradshaw

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