Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun Family Pics

My job just got a lot tougher now that Justus crawls forwards and at the speed of lightning!
Grammy gave us this bouncing ball. Finally....a toy that seems to have been created with my daughter in mind!

Alathia being a horse

Playing with friends at the park

I watch Arianna once a week and it's a full-blown girl fest.
Tea parties and dress up all afternoon!

Dressed for church

The funniest pic I've seen all year! I think Jer is screaming because he thinks she's going to land on him!

The Alligator wins the wrestling match!

Justus sits under a little canopy I rigged up using my fence, clothesline, and some sheets.

Still lovin' my Ergo! Would never want to have a baby again without it! I especially love the side, hip-position.

When I was babysitting Ryanne, the girls were bored so I set them to work scrubbing the floor. (The buckets were their idea....not my requirement for cleaning...) They thought this was tons of fun and they sprayed and wiped for a long time.

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