Monday, June 8, 2009

Modesty Monday--#14

Do you understand that there are deeper issues that need to be addressed in a woman's heart and life before worrying about her wardrobe?
Do you interact with those who are immodestly dressed?

Do you warmly show love to them?
Are you humbly distinct from the world or self-righteously distinct?
"Let this be a church populated by the uncoverted dressing immodestly and warmly welcomed into our midst. I also want this to be a church where the newly converted, the immature, and even the mature, if immodestly dressed, would be cared for and lovingly corrected."
C.J. Mahaney

1 comment:

the momma said...

I love that - humbly distinct

sometimes,I think women can - how can I say this - dress so 'modestly' that they are still drawing attention to themselves - which, although the hemline/neckline/fabric thickness, etc may not be immodest - true modesty is still lacking.

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