Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lots of Boys!

Jeremiah and Daniel 9 Months old
Before I had two boys I still loved putting kids in matching outfits. Guess what, now I will have FOUR boys to match for family photos! That is...for a few years until they think it's uncool!

The last time the cousins saw each other--Christmas 2007--13 Months old
Matching sweaters and matching monkeys!

Daniel mudding on his fourwheeler (Yes, the grandparents bought him one too!)

King Jo's sister shared the news this week that we are going to have a nephew in late October! So far, we only have one nephew, no nieces. Daniel is 6 days younger than Jeremiah and now he will have a little brother. The baby will be named David Zachariah. We are excited to meet him around Christmas time when we head back to Minnesota for the holidays. It's too bad we don't get to see our nephew much. He would have so much fun with Ali and Jeremiah and I'm totally the spoil-'em-rotten kind of auntie who wishes she could do so much more regularly! Ali is thrilled to hear about another little boy cousin even though it means she will be severely outnumbered at the family get-togethers! I foresee lots of fourwheeling, snowmobiling, hiking, climbing, wrestling, camping, and adventures when all of our boys and energetic Ali get together!

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