Monday, June 22, 2009


Our friends flew to Kansas out of our town the other day and invited us to come to the "airport" to see them off. Jesse's aunt and uncle have a private plane and it was available to come and pick them up to save them a long, arduous trip with 3 little ones.
I say "airport" because I'd never known anyone to fly out of our town before. It's only a strip for private planes to land.
Inside the plane (seats 9 I think?)

Kennedy waves goodbye to us!

Watching the pilot load luggage!
Ali was so sad when we drove home. I think she must have thought they were vaporized into the sky instead of just going to Kansas for 5 days! They'll be driving a new-to-them minivan home! They've saved for it throughout Havily's pregnancy and now get to enjoy the luxury of having a nice, large vehicle!

See that white blur in the middle of the pic! They were going so fast! In fact, as the plane turned around the propellers were blowing on us and even from a distance it was a warm rush of wind that was so strong it blew my shirt up over my head (so much for modesty huh?)

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Shiloh said...

I am so glad you got to come see it with the kids! We have missed you all and will see you soon!

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