Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Relief! Praise the Lord!

I feel like breaking out into song and singing, "I Found the Light!!!" I have come across, thanks to a pregnant friend here in town, the miracle cure for my morning, noon, and night sickness! My one major regret is that I suffered endlessly through the first trimesters of two other pregnancies because I didn't know about this!

What is the miracle cure? Well, I'm sure most nausea-sufferers have heard about the unisom/B6 cure from their doctors/nurses. I heard about it in my second pregnancy when I was losing tons of weight and feeling horrible and like I was starving. I was told to take it at intervals throughout the day. After one day of doing that and feeling like someone drugged me and feeling worse than I did without it, I gave up. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to drive or care for my one-year old daughter on it. However, recently a friend told me that she was always instructed to take it at NIGHT! The usual half-a-pill didn't work for her so she takes one full pill before bed and it keeps her nausea-free most of the next day too! So, I've been trying the before bed thing and IT WORKS!!! Half-a-pill seems to work fine on my medicine-sensitive body. I start to get a little nauseous around lunch and then around supper and of course before bed, but then it's time for another pill! It takes away almost all of my nausea so that I can at least eat to help combat the nausea (at lunch) and drink ginger tea and other things that will help fight nausea. I am sold on it! While it's my goal to have as natural a pregnancy as possible, doctors, nurses, and midwives okay this medicine, Unisom, which is a sleeping pill, for pregnancy and if I can feel this good I'm all for it! It feels amazing to be able to get some chores done again and be able to keep up with the kids and enjoy food again! Yesterday I even cooked raw meat and made a delicious, spicy, Asian meal and baked brownies from scratch! Unheard of in the first trimester for me normally!

I still feel the usual pregnancy fatigue common in the first trimester but I feel so much better that I just can't believe it! Is this what it feels like to be pregnant without the horrible sickness? No wonder some women say they love being pregnant and no wonder some women have a dozen kids, if they feel this good during pregnancy!!! So many women have told me about the Unisom cure in the past but NO ONE ever mentioned the taking it at night thing! One side note: I stay away from B6 during the day or at night because for me, it makes me super nauseous, so I only take the Unisom before bed, not the B6/Unisom combo that's usually talked about.

If you suffer from continual and relentless nausea, please talk to your practitioner about trying this!


Lyndi said...

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better, I was a little concerned when there weren't any new blog updates for a couple of days:)

Josh & Laura Helweg said...

So great for you Lindsey!!! I am so glad you are feeling better, and able to keep up again! Makes a big difference doesnt it? I've never heard of the B6/Unisom pill, but I wish I had!!! Have to use it next time around.. lol Great to see you up again!

SamAndHisGirls said...

awesome!!!!!!!! I'm am going to try this when the bad nausea hits which I'm expecting it to any week now. Today was the first morning I woke up feeling fairly gross but I felt bad later this afternoon after lunch and a nap.
I am SO GLAD you found something that has helped you!! Since I haven't felt terribly sick so far and have just been tired, I too wondered what it would be like to actually feel somewhat okay during pregnancy!! I would be thrilled to not go through the usual 10 weeks of misery. I hope this cure keeps working for you and that it works for me if I get slammed with nausea soon.
:) Have a great day!

SamAndHisGirls said...

I meant to say that I felt BETTER after lunch and a nap.
sheesh I can't even type tonight :)

Mrs. Jo said...

Very funny Lyndi! Okay, so I admit, I'm addicted to blogging. It's so therapeutic!

Definitely try the half-pills of Unisom before bed the next time around!

I hope this works for you friend as well as it's working for me. Looks like God answered all those prayers from many people that this would be my easiest pregnancy yet!

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