Saturday, January 19, 2008

Good Deals This Week

This was a good week for deals and I did a LOT of shopping since I made myself go to the town a half an hour away where there are good stores, including Walgreens. Here's a breakdown of the best deals I found this week:

The deals pictured above were at Safeway (thanks to the tip from Peggy that was on MoneySavingMom):

Got 23 items for $23 including tax! There was a promo where if you buy 10 breakfast items you get $10 off. Everything in the promo was on sale and I had coupons for everything and did two transactions so I could get the $10 off twice! The muffins were on a good sale and the brownie mix too so I used coupons with them to get them cheaper. 14 boxes of cereal at about 75 cents a box isn't bad, especially since we just got to the bottom of our huge stack we accumulated in October. I spent $23 and saved $81. I think my cashier was pretty amazed today!

Smith's Deals:

Ragu was $1 a jar and I had a coupon bringing it down to 75 cents each for 2 jars

Organic apples were $2 a pound which is a LOT cheaper than here in town

Muir Glen Organic Salsa was on sale and I had lots of $1 off coupons so I bought 5 at $2 each

In the clearance bin I snagged some Boost shakes for really cheap (this is about the only way I can take vitamins in the first trimester without throwing up)

Also in clearance bin: pantyhose (2 pair of a good brand for $2), organic facial toner ($2), organic sunscreen ($3)

Walgreen's Deals:

I definitely took advantage of the $5 ink refills and got both our color and black inks refilled.

Got the Huggies deal where you get two jumbo packs for $16 plus a box of free wipes. Used $2.50 in coupons on the diapers and 75 cents on the wipes bringing the total down to a super deal!

2 large bags of raisins for $1 a bag in the Walgreens clearance bin

Got the 5 free hand sanitizers that I will eventually make $2 on when I get my refund!

Got 4 bags of Mars Minis chocolate bars to reward the nursery workers at church--After refund these will have cost $3 for 4 large bags (thanks to some printable coupons!)


Brought my total down from $39 to $26 with coupons much to my cashier's amazement! Wal-Mart sells the Buddies soaps for less than a dollar so round up as many of those coupons as you can and get more for free! My daughter really likes washing with these. I got a couple more! Thanks to printable coupons I got a box of Kashi crackers for 50 cents, some Keebler animal crackers for cheap, and a box of Chocolate Honey Bunches of Oats nearly free!

Organic Meat!

This amazing blessing is such a gift of God! I was lamenting to myself that in my goals to eat healthier and more organic foods, that I would probably NEVER be able to afford organic meats since they are 3X the price in the store. However, one of my dad's friends got several elk this year (Native Americans are allowed to hunt as many as they want) and gave my dad an entire elk (since Dad didn't get one this year). My parents paid to have it processed and I picked it up for them and they said they'd give us (FOR FREE!) half of the meat since it's a lot for the two of them to use up! I love elk! It doesn't taste wild like deer and it's lean, tasty, and organic! What a HUGE, HUGE blessing from God!

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Peggy said...

Yippee on the SAfeway trip!

I am so happy for your organic meat! Something similar happened to us recently and I was so happy to been given the elk and deer- can't get more organic than that!!! Enjoy!

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