Monday, January 7, 2008

Pregnancy Nausea and Selfishness

Lately it's been hard for me to get anything accomplished! I'm constantly tired and nauseous, so I end up laying around and sleeping at every given opportunity. My husband snapped this photo one day when I konked out on the couch when he was home for lunch break. Ali covered me with her blankets and then he told her to lay down with me and pretend to sleep for a picture.

One thing I've always struggled with during the first trimester is selfishness. When you feel extremely miserable and are constantly throwing up or gagging it's easy to get a one-track mind: Must find relief! Must find food that appeals! Must sleep! Me, me, me! I'm so sick I can't think about how I can bless King Jo or anyone else!

Being a human being, I will always struggle with selfishness, but especially so during the season of morning, noon, and night sickness. My goal this time around is to still make time to serve others and let my family know they are important in spite of my constant misery. Easier said than done, but it's been better this time around as this has been my easiest pregnancy so far (can you guess how much fun the first two pregnacies of morning sickness were?) I made sure to stock the fridge with easy-fix meals so that my family can actually eat and I've been trying to keep our normal routine no matter how I feel. I've been committing my sickness to the Lord continually and King Jo and Ali pray for me all the time. The other day when I was gagging and burping and looking anything but ladylike Ali told me, "I will pray for your tongue!" The instant she sees me gagging she stops and prays a cute little prayer no matter where we are. But that was the first time she had said she'd pray for my tongue instead of my sick tummy. I guess she thought my tongue was what was hurting since it was hanging out of my mouth!

I've tried EVERYTHING for home-remedies, but if you have any ideas that worked for you during this time of life please share them with me!


SamAndHisGirls said...

Hang in there, Lindsey and I'll keep praying for you!
I pray that the sickness ends for you VERY soon and that God gives you strength for each day.
So far, I've been hungry a lot and very tired but haven't been hit with major nausea yet. I have a feeling it's coming soon, though :(

Mrs. T said...

Staying on top of the nausea by eating frequently always helped. Keeping up with b-vitamins helped too.

Mrs. T said...

Also, having needs doesn't make you selfish. :) Being sick doesn't make you selfish either. Being hungry for food doesn't make someone selfish, it makes them hungry. We need to take care of ourselves, and it is a godly thing to do so, not a selfish thing. You can't help your nausea and tiredness, so don't beat yourself up about it. I applaud you for digging in and doing your best and especially for not taking it out on your husband and children. I will pray that God gives you peace to be content in your situation and that He will also give you daily strength to accomplish things. Sometimes God allows sickness or times of slowing down because we NEED to slow down. Just think of it as an extended sabbath.

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

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