Monday, January 28, 2008

Great Deals in the Last Week

Safeway has some $1 off Eating Right coupons and you can print an unlimited amount. With those coupons I got the pasta for a quarter, the sauce for $1, the soups for 35 cents a can and the nutritional candy bars free! The Shredded Wheat was 100% free because of a 99cents a box sale, a $1 off 2 coupon and a catalina that printed at the register for $1 off anything in the store!

At Walgreens this week I got 2 free Aquafreshes due to the printable coupon online. I had a manufactor's coupon for $6 off Afrin but because it only cost $5, I made a dollar on it! The make-up was not only free with sales and coupons but I got paid $1.50 to buy the gloss, eyeliner, blush and bronzing powder! Yeah!

This adorable, hand-crocheted little infant dress was only 10 cents at the thrift store and looks like it's never been worn. A gift for my new baby, or for someone else if I end up having a boy!

Last week, thanks to Peggy's tips on MoneySavingMom I got 23 items at Safeway for only $22! This included two blueberry muffin mixes, some brownie mix, and lots of granola bars and healthy Fiber cereal.


Day by Day said...

Oh yes, the "jane" makeup savings tip was so nice. I picked up some eyeliner and cover-up for cheep, cheep. Great job on those Safeway deals!

Anonymous said...

That dress is adorable! Imagine the work that someone put into it! I am glad you found it and that it will be appreciated by someone!!


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