Friday, January 11, 2008

Great YouTube Video Worth Watching

I normally don't watch videos posted on people's blogs since we have dial-up and they take forever to load. But I'm so glad I took the time to load and watch this one off of one of my favorite bloggers' sites, Amy's Humble Musings. I dare you to watch it without crying!

In a world where people frown on big families and having lots of children, this video is an encouragement. It is such an encouragement to me right now as I have been dealing with a lot of mixed emotions with this latest pregnancy. I have been nervous about telling some people and some non-Christian family members about it because we got some disappointing reactions last time when we announced we were expecting #2. I actually had one uncle (who is childless) ask me if I was happy about the pregnancy (with Jer)! Many of my cousins automatically assumed that we were totally done after getting our girl/boy, "typical" American family. Sadly, we even felt that people in our own church looked down on us for having our first two so quickly in our marriage (and they are almost 2 years apart!) Even my own Dad teases me endlessly about where babies come from and was calling me a "BabyMaking Machine" even before I announced #3 was on the way.

I have a LOT of support online from many of you out there who believe that MANY children are a blessing and I have many friends in MN who are pro-big families too. Please watch this video of a family welcoming their 6th child into their lives and be encouraged!


Josh & Laura Helweg said...

I know what you mean Lindsey.. I have even been hearing some remarks like that.. although not as much. I think MN is more large-family friendly, up here anyway. ;) But even so, I hear from Christian friends too about only having kids as is convienient to them, and feeling a little overwhelmned when kids come along before their plans. I;m not endorsing have-as-many-kids-as-you-can policy by any means, but in my opnion children are blessings, and when they come, unexpected or expected should be a joyous time!! God knows best in a family! I could go on and on about my views, but I will close! I did love this video.. made me wish for my new baby soon!

Shari said...

Thanks for telling us about the video. I watched it. Just beautiful. Congratulations on expecting #3. I think that is so exciting. I can't believe that some of the things you heard have been said to me, too. - oh a girl and boy now you're done and you're a baby making machine. We have people stop us in the store and ask "Are all those kids yours?" And we only have 5. Some people point and talk to their spouse. Some call us a clan. But, there are a lot of good comments, too. I'm so excited to be raising 5 kids to know, love, and serve Jesus. Sometimes it's crazy, but it is a blessing and I wouldn't change it for anything.

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