Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Good Deals this Week

Walgreens had a buy one, get one deal on the scented oil candles and there was an internet printable on them too so that you could get them for very little, if not free. They smell so nice and I hope to bless some friends with them who have birthdays coming up! The Dimetapp was completely free. Most likely we won't use it so I plan to sell it at a yard sale!

Even though we don't have a Target, I decided to take the Money Saving Mom site's tip and print off the Johnson Kid Soap's products coupons and see how much the soaps were at K-Mart. They were the same price at K-Mart as at Target so I got both soaps completely free. Ali loves using them for washing hands.

I just happened to notice that swim diapers were marked down to 69 cents at K-Mart so I grabbed a few packages. I was SO MAD at myself for not having a coupon for them because I know there are printables on for Huggies Little swimmers. I could have gotten them free! Oh well, still so cheap. Even though I don't use them (Jer wears the trunks with the built-in cloth swim diapers, they will make good gifts for Ali's toddler friend's having birthdays or I can sell them at my yard sale this summer for a couple of bucks and make money on them!

These Christmas goody tins were 75% off so I got them for around 33 cents. They are the large size that will be perfect for holding coconut truffles or Chex Mix for next year's Christmas gifts.

I've been wanting a jingle bell wreath for over 3 years and I just couldn't bring myself to pay full price for one. The last couple of years there haven't been any left after Christmas. So, I was thrilled to find this one at Family Dollar for half off, costing me $2.50, one fourth of the Wal-Mart price!

Other Good Deals this week:

Safeway had some markdowns on Organic Oatmeals, all-natural yogurts, meat, Nature's Valley granola bars, and some frozen meals. They also had Scented Oil Candles on sale for $5, and I had several $4 off coupons so I filled up my gift stash! I got to the register and my total (with lots of other groceries too) was $77. After using my Safeway card and my many coupons I paid $37! When the cashier's mouth hits the floor and she tells me I saved $40, I just break out in a goofy grin! Deal shopping is so much fun! And I have to confess that I bought a lot of stuff we didn't actually need due to my continual nausea and I was grabbing stuff off of the shelf just because it sounded good at the moment.


Kristin said...

I just read Lesley's blog and found out her good news. It's funny because I remember back in August when we all were together and you both were saying how you weren't ready for any more kids yet! And here you are, both of you, pregnant! I guess 3 months really can change things! I'm sure you both will enjoy being preggo buddies. :-)

Josh & Laura Helweg said...

Hey Lindsey,
These deals are great! I went to Target and everything was sold out of Huggies stuff I had wanted.. then I saw Lyndi with a HUGE cart full of stuff go by! I laughed to myself and said I should have come earlier! :) Nah, I'll check it out later this week again, in case they re-stock! :) I can;t get those Johnson Buddies Soap coupons to print either, they say "You have already printed this coupon the allowed times" Bummer! I would have liked to use it.. O-well!
Great job on the after-Cmas deals.. I got a few myself. :)

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