Monday, January 14, 2008

Making Your Home a Haven Monday

These are my "After" pics. I didn't take any "Before" pics. Let's just say it was a royal mess before clean-up, as it tends to be after a weekend. Why is that?
Our entertainment center, "office" and Ali's little table all squeezed into one side of the room.
In the right rear corner is my "sewing corner" where I do all my crafts. The big stack of coats next to the chair is our coat basket and it's annoying and not very neat-looking but we have no closet or hooks or anywhere else to put coats so it will have to do for now.

Since the Lord provided a miracle cure for my morning sickness, I am able to do a lot more around the house and don't feel miserable every waking moment. I am still very, very tired and can't get nearly as much done, but I'm so glad that I am now mostly nausea-free for making my home a haven.


Refresh my Spirit:

I did devotions with the kids but didn't have time for my own reading until they were down for naps. Read a passage in Romans that our pastor preached on yesterday and was greatly inspired by reading a beautiful prayer in my new book, "The Valley of Vision."

Morning Routine:

Since I became pregnant my wonderful hubby has been getting up with the kids and getting their breakfast every week day so this is no longer part of my routine! So, my morning routine looks like this:

My breakfast

Shower w/ Ali

Get kids dressed

Put Jer down for nap

Ali's 30 minute video

Computer time or catching up on paperwork/bills

School time with Ali (today we did numbers)

Morning snack

Clean-up and de-cluttering

Preparing lunch

These days it is about all I can do to just get through the basic routines, so I didn't add a lot to my morning, but I did try to do some extra de-cluttering and simplifying and vacuumed up the living room and straightened the house because Bible Study is at our house every Monday night. When I'm not pregnant I also tend to clean the bathroom and do about 5 loads of laundry on Mondays, but I just don't have the energy now.

One thing I'm happy about today: I was planning to go to the thrift store to find a couple of extra containers for things (we needed a dirty diaper bin and a bin for my dirty dishtowels.) Instead of having to make a special trip out (which is exhausting) and spending money and probably being enticed to buy other things I don't need, I found some containers at home that work fine; I just had to shuffle some other things out of them and into boxes or paper bags. More and more in my house is being container-ized, which is great!

Supper: It will be very simple: Frozen ravioli with some spaghetti sauce and shredded cheese on top thrown into the microwave. If I'm ambitious I'll throw some stuff in the bread machine for breadsticks to go with it. My main goal is to get a batch of chocolate chip cookies baked for Bible Study.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your furniture! Your living room feels very warm and inviting.

Anonymous said...

Looks great. I too love the furniture, very homey :).

Found your blog through Biblical Womanhood and I am really enjoying it.

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