Thursday, January 3, 2008

Odds and Ends of my Life

I have been busy just trying to survive lately as I pack up the Christmas stuff, clean and de-clutter, and get my basic chores done while feeling like my body can only move in slow-motion, and fighting the ever-present nausea that comes with pregnancy. I have been so disgusted with our bedroom recently as it has been jam-packed full of junk and impossible to organize and keep clutter-free. So, today I decided to move Ali's toddler bed out of our room and into the kid's room with Jer's crib and see how they do at going to bed in the same room. They did well with it in the motel room on our trip so we'll see how it goes! Not having that toddler bed in the room cleared up so much space that I organized, vaccumed, and sorted like mad! I found a library book that had been wedged under my bed by my lovely toddler for the last 3 months (yeah, I don't clean under my bed very often!) and I was so horrified and wondered if my fine would be so astronomical that I wouldn't be able to check out books for a long time! I was so relieved to find out when I called the library that they cap the fines at $2! Whew! I would have never forgotten or misplaced library books in the past, before I lost most of my brain cells and time and energy (in other words, before I became a mom!)
Something funny was, the librarian asked me if I was running a daycare or if I just had a bunch of kids of my own! My kids weren't even being that loud while I called either! What are people going to say when I have even more?
I was making lunch today (my meal prep lately involves frozen dinners or things that can be made very quickly) and I realized that I was standing in my kitchen, cooking, while pregnant and barefoot in a long dress! I chuckled to myself, imagining what the library lady would say if she could see me. From my many observations of her she is a die-hard liberal and feminist. She would be appalled at my life! But rather than feeling sorry for myself or feeling like I don't have a life, I smiled because even if I am "just a mom" I love my job, find it challenging and fulfilling, have a husband who cherishes me and takes wonderful care of me and two little ones who fill my days with happiness and humor. So what if I'm barefoot? I don't like wearing shoes in the house! So, what if I'm in the kitchen and pregnant? I normally love to cook (when I'm not horribly nauseous) and it is a miraculous thing to have a life growing inside of you that God Himself has created!

These are just my random thoughts of the day!


Meredith said...

I'm with you -- who cares what others may perceive our lives to be. We love "just" being moms! Barefoot, pregnant, a house "full" of kids? Sounds great!

Mrs. T said...

I'm always barefoot and I can relate :D lol

Josh & Laura Helweg said...

I LOVE going around barefoot too, Lindsey! There's something just so simple about barefeet and a long dress.. :) I love it.
I know what you mean about frozen dinners too.. I did the same thing with this pregnancy!!! :)

bigcitymama said...

I'm a liberal AND a feminist, and after working for 15 years, I gave it up to be "just a mom". And am also barefoot AND pregnant right now, even here in NYC. We liberals get such a bad rap!

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