Thursday, January 3, 2008

Alathia Funnies

Our little girl sure keeps us laughing with her antics every day! Yesterday she came up to me and said, "Is we bein' good little monkeys?" It's very important to her that she is "being good" because Grammy frequently asks her about this on the phone and Daddy often gives her a chocolate kiss if she's been good all morning for me. I don't often refer to them as little monkeys so this tickled my funnybone!

Today she was singing a song (does she ever stop singing or talking?) and she sang, "They went walking and LEAKING and praising God, walking and LEAKING and praising God....."

Ali has been VERY, VERY good lately so I'm hoping those outrageous tantrums are in the past. She had one or two times on our trip where she needed to be dealt with and was getting whiny and difficult, but she got over it quickly and she was an absolute angel most of the trip. I was so proud of her! King Jo says that Ali is getting better and better all the time and now Jer is getting worse! Jer likes to scream and holler if we aren't getting his food fast enough for him. He's a world-class protester when his sister takes one of his toys, but I usually don't blame him for that since she steals his toys constantly! They play together all day long and keep each other entertained, but as nice as that is, it means they fight all day long too and need a referee.

Ali got some headbands from Aunt Kianna and she prefers to wear them "her way" even if it's goofy! She calls them her "bandaid heads."
One recent disappointment for me regarding Ali: She's outgrowing her afternoon nap! It's nearly impossible to get her to sleep. So, I guess "naptime" will be "lay on your bed and read books" time from now on. I shouldn't complain because she sleeps 12 hours at night.


Crystal Paine said...

I just had to come by and say Congratulations to you! I understand (a little bit at least) some of the fears you are facing as we've had some similar things this year and I've struggled with fear about a lot of things like never before. I think God has really used it to bring me to the end of myself - to realize how much faith I was putting in a job or an income or health, etc. and to realize that He ultimately is in control, even though sometimes I sure try to be!

I trust the Lord will surround you with His peace and provision this next year, even during the difficult times.

Your daughter's "walking and leaking" song was hilarious! I laughed out loud when I read it. Children sure keep life from being boring and dull! :)

Kristin said...

It's so good to hear that Ali has been behaving so well for you lately! That gives me hope!

Mrs. T said...

I'm glad Ali has been behaving better. She sure is cute!!! :D

Mrs. Jo said...

Thanks for stopping by Crystal, it's always an honor to see a comment from you here!

There is hope Kristin! Of course I spoke too soon because right after I posted this Ali had a difficult day but for the most part she is getting easier!

Thanks Mrs. T!

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