Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Some Guidelines for my Couponing

I have gotten very strict with myself on couponing. I tell myself that just because it's super cheap or free doesn't mean I have to:

A. Eat it if it's yucky junk food loaded with preservatives or sugar
B. Stock-pile it just because I can
C. Bust my butt to get the deals when I'm tired or sick or can't make the trip to the store
D. Beat myself up over coupons I forgot or deals I missed that my friends got
E. Do every deal my friends do
F. Pay for something (even just a little bit) if it's something I would have never bought or would never use but decided to get just because of the coupon. This is tempting because sometimes I can get $5 shampoos on clearance for 50 cents or a dollar a bottle but I REFUSE to buy it knowing that I have about 5 bottles of free shampoo to use up from Walgreens and I absolutely DO NOT need to pay for more that will just sit around forever and will eventually be given away or sold at a yard sale.
G. Take freebies that are worthless to me (air fresheners, denture creams, etc.)
H. Compromise the quality of my life or my family time (not to mention wasting gas) in order to deal shop
I. Deal shop constantly and become a shop-a-holic even if I am a "non-spending" shop-a-holic


-V- said...

Wow - good for you, Lindsay!!

Anonymous said...

I know someone in the Bemidji area that gets things just to get them, and to say they got this great deal. I wish more people had your convictions on deal shopping.

the momma said...

This was great! My 19 yr old was reading over my shoulder & really appreciated your perspective, too.

I love a bargain just as much as the next gal, but I actually had to stop going to moneysavingmom because I was getting so worked up trying to get the great deals others were getting. Try as might, I can't even buy ONE piece of fruit for 29 cents, much less a WHOLE BAG of organic fruit for that price.
I've never been one to 'keep up with the Joneses', but I found that I could be quite envious & discontent in the area of bargain hunting.

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