Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Guatamalan Gifts

Ali got a backpack purse which she proudly took to church on Easter Sunday. Notice her pink sneakers with her dress. She insisted on wearing them!

Colter sent back a Guatamalan baby carrier for me as my birthday present. Grammy models how to use it with a startled Jeremiah!

A beautiful woven wrap-around and an embroidered top to match it! I may have to save this outfit for post-pregnancy!

A pretty little coin purse with some spending money inside. Thanks Mom and Dad!

My folks spent Spring Break in Guatamala with my brother who was a missionary. They had a wonderful time and many interesting experiences. My dad, who is a business owner/carpenter/craftsman, got a kick out of the enthusiasm of the merchants in the market. They would throw candy at you and then expect you to pay for it. The merchants in the dress shop were so eager to sell my mom a dress, even though it didn't fit her, that they ripped the dress apart and re-did the seams for her so she would buy it.

To quote my brother, regarding their bus experience, 'It was jam packed and so we had to squeeze ourselves in and stand up holding onto the bar on the bus roof. They kept packing more and more people in and I kept getting forced tighter and closer to the woman behind me. At one point two large women were sitting on each side of the isle and I could barely squeeze my legs through between their thighs. It was quite a ride!" There were about 120 people on a bus built for 40!

My folks also got Jeremiah a soccer ball, Ali a little embroidered apron, Josiah a hacky sack, and our new baby some cute little woven booties.


Mrs. Taft said...

You look so gorgeous in that skirt!

SamAndHisGirls said...

Hey there! Thanks for the encouraging comment and I love all your recent pics of your cuties and the lovely picture of your baby belly! You look great!
I feel like I'm going to be so BIG with this one because I'm really starting to stick out already.
We'll have to waddle around at the end or have our husbands get us motorized carts if we can't walk!
I'm counting the days until our ultrasounds! Whoohoo!

Josh & Laura Helweg said...

What a beautiful skirt set! You look so radiant!! So great to hear pregnancy is going well..
Say, I would like to place a baby shoe order!!! (If you have time to make them!) I LOVE your leather shoes, and would love 2 pairs of little ones, and 2 pairs of bigger ones. (Cute girly designs, flowers, hearts, whatever! I trust you!!) Let me know the details, and if you even have any time to do them at all!!! Thanks!

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