Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hubby is in Trouble!

The last time the pantry got a thorough cleaning was about a month ago when my husband accidentally knocked a bottle of cooking wine off the pantry shelf, resulting in wine and broken glass everywhere. He cleaned most of it and I finished up since he had to go to work. The pantry got another thorough cleaning on Wednesday, when the flimsy aluminum shelf we had bought for the pantry finally gave way. Once again hubby bumped into it slightly (our pantry is tiny and we have a LOT stored in it) and the shelf did a slow, twisting, crumple, resulting in this.....(see above photo.) Thankfully, nothing broke or spilled, which was amazing since we had plenty of open flour bags and noodle boxes and glass jars on it. My husband caught the shelf and I helped him unload it quickly. Then we did a most un-frugal thing and ran out and bought the first sturdy shelf we could find a few minutes before the stores closed in town, figuring we needed it right away and couldn't wait for yard saling season or a chance to get to a bigger town to shop around. I guess this will teach us that buying the cheapest isn't always the smartest! That aluminum shelf was always wobbling and tilting and looking like the shelves were going to break under the weight of canned goods. We now have a sturdy Rubbermaid shelf in the pantry that is a bit smaller, but is rock-solid and unyielding when you bump it. Our pantry holds all our extra food, our garage-type items (car jack, tools), my bread machine, the snowboard, picnic stuff, and cleaning/laundry detergent stuff, the vacuum, the ironing board, the cleaning buckets, and is only as big as a bedroom closet!

Why is it that everything breaks on the same day? My dresser knob broke, and my husband broke my dustpan accidentally all on that same day! I also want to know why it is that when your house is spotless, no one ever comes to visit or drops by unexectedly, but when it's at it's worst, that's when everyone comes, especially people you really want to impress, like your landlords, your folks, or ladies from church?


Mrs. Taft said...

Yikes! Glad you were able to quickly find another solution!

Lyndi said...

Is there an after picture? You almost always have before and after so i scrolled down expecting to see an organzied pantry:)

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