Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Heart Check-Up

A few weeks ago, our Youth Pastor, Jesse Blasdel, a good friend of ours, preached a sermon on Romans 12:9-21 at our church. It was the most challenging sermon I've heard all year! The questions are so thought-provoking I wanted to share them here so that my blog readers would be encouraged by them. I could spend a whole year, make that a whole lifetime, working on these things and never have them down completely. But with the Lord's help, thinking over these questions and putting the principles of Romans 12:9-21 into practice will cause a lot of growth in my life.

1. Are you loving others with right motives?
2. Is there evil in your life that you don't hate?
3. Does your passion for following God guide your life?
4. Are you staying connected to God through prayer and living life with an eternal perspective?
5. Do you enter into the real parts of other Christians' lives on a daily basis?
6. Are generosity and hospitality defining parts of your lifestyle?
7. Are you humble in mindset or in circumstances?
8. Are you living in harmony with other Christians so the world sees Jesus?

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Madeline said...

I've been thinking a lot about sin lately and how I can live my life to be more like Christ. Sometimes it is way too easy for me to pat myself on the back for all the times I follow God's commandments while forgetting about the many times when I have not acted the way the Bible teaches me too. This list of questions gives me a lot to think about. I hope you don't mind if I link to this from my blog.

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