Monday, March 10, 2008

Making Your Home a Haven Monday

The challenge this week is the kitchen. My goal for this week is to keep the table clear every day this week as it often tends to collect a mail pile that gets bigger and bigger with odds and ends (coupons, tax forms, missions newsletters, etc.) One thing that helps keep the pile down is to have a basket of cards on one of the shelves in the kitchen. I hate to throw away pretty cards and thoughtful notes from friends and family so I save them in the basket and go through it a few times a year, enjoying the cards again and again. To the left side of the basket is a little stack of bills to be paid. Having a spot for bills helps insure that they get paid without being lost or spilled on at the table, and less clutter on the table!

The top of the microwave is another clutter-magnet. I store new recipes I find in the newspaper or jot down from the internet on top of the micro and the pile looks very unruly. I decided to sort through them and throw out the things I'm never going to get around to making and save the promising ones in a cute folder for a neater look.

The top of the fridge was getting very cluttered and dirty. All of the school-type stuff was ending up on top of the fridge (playdough, foam letters, paints, crayons, markers). It was all jumbled up. Next week's project will have to be organizing all of our school/art supplies in a plastic bin. All of our numerous medicines and vitamins were overflowing the basket and box. So, I sorted through them and put the ones we hardly use away in our first-aid kit in the bedroom. I made them look a little neater and put the ones we use often in the box that is within close reach. The basket now holds miscellaneous odds and ends.

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Candace said...

I have those same issues. It is so easy to let the table get bad. Great job!

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