Friday, December 12, 2008

Red Cheeks

So...I painted another dresser yesterday so it will match the other one in our room. Pics of our "New Bedroom" are coming soon...

Let me ask you: Is there some law of nature that says that if you pull all your undergarments and lingerie out of all of our dresser drawers and have them laying all over a chair in the living room, that it is guaranteed that:

*Someone will drop by unexpectedly even if you never get drop-in guests
*Someone will drop by in the 5 minutes between taking them all out of the dresser and bagging them up to stick in your bedroom
*That someone will notice them out of all of the other things to look at in your house
*That someone will be male
*That someone will be someone you will see lots of times in the future

My husband doesn't think it's a big deal, especially since the guy is married. However, I'm still groaning....


Thia said...

While I understand your red cheeks, them that drop by unannounced can't expect perfection or in this case, discretion.

S. and Company said...

Ahh, I feel for you! Isn't that just crazy how someone - a guy at that- would randomly stop by just then? My recent red cheeks problem wasn't quite so bad because it was family, and it was just one item, but I still got that immediate flushed feeling when Seth came prancing down stairs while I was talking to Steve's mom. In his hand was a bottle of "special oil" ;o) and of course he had to go up to Steve's mom ask her what it was.
Oh dear.
Thanks for the COF. It was great as always!

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