Thursday, December 11, 2008

House Pics!

One side of the living room
Our rug we got for 1/2 price on Black Friday! The kids love playing on it! It hides dirt well and helps pull together the living room and make it more cozy.

One side of the living room. Our little Jesse Tree awaits decorations!

My husband's favorite thing about the new house: a coat closet by the front door!

Our laundry room/pantry. To the left is a back door leading out to the driveway and back yard. My little sewing desk fits nicely in this room, hurray! We also have a big box set up for recycling; something I have wanted to do but didn't have the space to do in our former home. As usual, there is lots of laundry to fold, as you can see!

The back yard includes this large fenced portion of the yard as well as the strip of land to the right of it outside of the fence. Two storage sheds too!

A huge bathtub with a pretty, tiled wall. I was able to pull my fish bathroom decorations out again and put them to use (our last place had a walk-in shower with a door).

To the left of the house is an enormous stretch of yard which is also ours. We can fence this if we choose or move the current fence over to make our yard even bigger. We can finally pull out that fourwheeler of Ali's and let her go riding!

We have a nice front yard too and a place to drive in and park cars. The funny thing is that there is an ENORMOUS, Spanish-style home next to our home and their 3-car garage alone looks twice the size of our little house. A few houses down on our left is the River Walk, a paved trail along the river where my friend Amy and I have often gone walking with the strollers. I foresee lots of family walks there to watch sunsets over the mountains or have picnics.

I'll post again tomorrow showing the bedrooms and kitchen. Those photos didn't turn out well with lighting so I need to figure out the best time of day to shoot


~Laura~ said...

WOW! What a blessing!!! I LOVE all the sunlight!! Yay!!

Thia said...

I just love Mr. Holiday Cheer. I am going downstairs today to pull the Christmas dress out of storage.
How lovely to have room for things! I know how your husband feels about the coat closet. I feel that way about my linen closet. I still open the door just to look at it!

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