Sunday, December 14, 2008

Recent Pics

Little Reindeer-Hat Brothers
Matching Christmas dresses, given to us by my friend, and blogreader, Laura Helweg. She is the same one who gave me a bunch of skirts when I was pregnant and low on outfits to wear. She is a fabulous seamstress!

Ali proudly shows off the plate of cookies she decorated at the party. Mmmm, wonder why there is frosting on her nose and cheeks?

Tuckered out from all of the attention he got at the annual Cousin Christmas Cookie party, Justus crashes on Grammy's shoulder.

Ali decided to spin wild circles in front of everyone during one of the songs at her preschool program.

Ali, did do her alphabet signs and verses well at the program, thankfully.

Mommy and her girl!

My Grandma Brown was here for 2 weeks around Thanksgiving. She went to preschool with Ali one day to help her make an apple pie.


Lesley said...

Thanks for your blog comments...Love your pics!!! Your kids are just so cute and look so happy. I love the mommy/daughter matching dresses!! And Ali's pre-school program looks like fun - isn't it fun to see them in those cute programs and see them behave for someone (since we can struggle with them so much at home sometimes? :)) Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

~Laura~ said...

The dresses look soooooo great on you both! I am so happy you are getting use out of them!! :)

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