Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Kitchen

Our table is so much more pleasant to sit around now because Jeremiah's booster chair can be on one end and we can use both sides. It makes mealtimes much more enjoyable!
Our gas oven and washing machine. The washing machine is really old, and while it does clean well, it shakes sooooo hard that we may have to think about buying a newer one and just putting this one in the shed.

Not much counter space in this kitchen. This is it! (Unless you count my washing machine, which I do use as counter space sometimes =) Just enough room for our microwave (on the left0 and our dirty dishes and dish strainer. The cabinets are so tall that in order to reach the top two shelves I have to stand on a chair.

We have our hot water heater in the corner of the kitchen, next to the door which leads to the pantry/laundry room. This extra space between the fridge and the water heater is nice, especially since we can fit the kiddie picnic table there when we have company. My mom may loan us a butcher block to put there which would give me a portable counter.


Thia said...

Lovely kitchen. I did see a picture somewhere where someone had a butchet block cutting board to put on their stove when they weren't using it.

Lesley said...

I love it -- it's so homey looking! And I'm with Heather -- I absolutely love my gas stove. It's the first one I've had and I love the way it cooks faster and more evenly. It's great!

Congrats on your new happy home :)

Oh and to answer your question -- I've never had a problem with smelling cigarette smoke in our house but I don't use a vaporizer either. I can honestly say I have never smelled any bit of smoke at any time and I didn't even know the former owner of our house smoked until my neighbors told me. I am super sensitive to the smell and it's a true miracle there is no lingering smell here because if there had been, I wouldn't have wanted the house. I think the house was vacant for awhile and that may have helped get rid of it. Other than our stained ceilings, you would never know a smoker had lived here.

I do know that humidity tends to make smells worse and draw it out of carpets. My parents had a dog that peed on their carpets so much that they had to tear everything out and put down wood floors. I noticed when we lived there for awhile that when the weather was extra humid with more moisture in the air that I really smelled the urine in carpet more strongly. So unfortunately, that might be what is happening with your vaporizer --the moisture in the air will draw smells out of the carpet. I'm sure you've done everything you can to clean the carpets and I'm sorry I don't have any good solutions for you but if I think of something, I'll let you know.

Hope your milk supply problem is solved soon too and that little Justus will be a well fed, happy little guy! Did he gain some weight since his last check-up, showing that the formula is helping? Hope it gets better! :)

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