Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our bedrooms

Ali is all ready for bed.
Jeremiah's side of the room.

The view from the door

A large closet

One side of our bedroom (I finally got sick of Josiah's old, scuffed dresser I was using and painted it the other day.)

The view from the door. To the left is a closet just like the kids' closet. I painted this dresser a couple of weeks before we moved. It was a $2 yard sale find and was a rose color. I went a little crazy with my "Fern Lane" colored paint and painted two dressers, one toybox (an antique that used to be my mom's toybox as a girl), and a bookshelf in our living room this color. I love it though!

Well, looking at these pictures, our rooms don't look too exciting! It's hard to capture a good shot because I tend to take them in the morning when there is tons of sunlight or at night when it's dark outside. Throw in a camera with dying batteries, and it doesn't look too impressive. However, we are very happy with our new rooms even if they are smaller than the bedrooms at our former place. The higher ceilings make them feel bigger though! It's amazing how different one's bedroom can look just based on the color of paint on the walls. I much prefer the white walls of our new room to the dark, paneled walls of the old apartment.


Thia said...

Thanks for sharing. It's good that you aren't afraid of repainting furniture. I still am not sure if I like the natural wood look better or paint better. Someday I might decide, lol

Heather said...

Your new home is wonderful. I'm so happy for you, and glad you are enjoying it!

I love Ali's toddler bed--Kardelen has the same one! We're on the lookout for one for Bia, too. I think she's ready to upgrade from her porta-crib.

On a side note, how are you enjoying your gas stove? I never used one till we moved to the trailer, and love the control it gives you. Unlike electric ranges, when you turn off a burner, the heat is gone instantly! I miss that a little now, but our black ceramic stovetop is fancy-schmancy and hides my spillovers well!

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